Monday, 8 November 2010

Mallorca – Puig de Massanella

The  Puig de Massanella is the highest accessible peak in Mallorca as much of Puig Major is closed by the military. Its height and location combine to provide outstanding views or so we have read in a number of guide books. Two previous visits had failed to provide any evidence of the views , the summits be cloaked in low clouds on both occasions and on the latter attempt we narrowly lost a race against incoming low clouds. As in 2007 and 2008 we preferred the long route in from Font des Noguer near Cuber but this time we chose a day in a period of stable weather and a day free from clouds.

M_2010_mountains-020Puig de Massanella – highest two summits from the third

M_2010_mountains-021Pauline (in blue top) joining part of the crowd on the summit with Puig Major on the right

M_2010_mountains-022North east over Puig Tomir with Formetor peninsula and Alcudia in the distance

We can now testify to the grandeur of the views from the summit and offer a little of the evidence we gathered. While you could remind us that the Cicerone Guide specifically suggests choosing a fine clear day I think we will be happy to keep our memories of the lost race against the clouds the last time and bewilderment of wandering in serious clag between the two lower summits unable to find the third and highest on our first visit.

M_2010_mountains-025Towards Palma from Sa Gubia

Sa Gubia lies west of Bunyanola and provides some of the best rock climbing in the area. A mirador in memory of Leandro Ximenis, a well-known Mallorquin mountaineer, was erected on its summit in 1958 and provides panoramic views in all directions. This was our final hill of 2010, a gentle stroll before lunch and the flight back to winter in Manchester.

M_2010_mountains-026on Sa Gubia

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