Monday, 11 October 2010

Langdale Horseshoe Fell Race – 09 Oct

Saturday was the second time I have run the Langdale Horseshoe, the last of the Lakeland Classics for 2010, and on the previous occasion in 2007 the weather was equally good and my time was somewhat better. I can only claim that in 2007 I had spent all summer racing and I didn’t stop to take photographs in those days. Saturday was too good a day to not photograph, especially during the second half when the valleys to the south west of Crinkle Crags were filled with hazy clouds.

LHFR-001 climbing away from Stickle Tarn (1)

LHFR-002climbing away from Stickle Tarn (2)

LHFR-003 Descending to Martcrag Moor

LHFR-004 On Martcrag Moor

LHFR-005Descending towards Langale Combe 

LHFR-006 Dropping into Angle Tarn with Esk Pike beyond

LHFR-007 Climbing to Esk Hause Shelter

LHFR-008 Looking west from below Bow Fell

LHFR-009Looking back to the Scafell massif 

LHFR-010A lone runner on a lower line 

LHFR-011 Crinkle Crags with Bow Fell in the distance under a little cloud

Despite the time spent taking photos I finished in the top half of my age group even if not in the top half of the field but I am happy with that, having thoroughly enjoyed the race. The results are on the Ambleside AC website.


  1. Presume you've got a new camera now Ian. Fans of your photographs need not have worried about the demise of your previous one ;^D

  2. 'Looking west from below Bow Fell' is my favourite shot. do you actually stop and frame these or just snap away?

  3. I look for shots before reaching the spot at which I actually stop and finally frame them. I don't rely on taking only one, though, and most get a bit of tidying up before they are published. I think the "West from Bow Fell" is the best and just wish I could have been higher up the hill and been able to silhouette an other runner against the misty hills. Perhaps next time?

  4. yes, next time! you're definitely getting your own style, i think i could pick your photographs out of a line up.

  5. Glad I found these - I appear in half of them just a few places in front. I think I was cursing you for jogging past me then stopping to take snaps. Some crackers in there!