Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Joss Naylor Lakeland Challenge Dinner–16 Oct

Having helped Gordon Johnson complete “the crossing” at the end of August we had the perfect excuse and, indeed, an invitation from Gordon to attend the dinner. In many ways it marks the end of summer; Joss goes off to Spain not long afterwards, October half-term is almost upon us and not only are the days shorter they are noticeably colder.

JND01-200 Joss presenting GJ with his engraved tankard



JND01-201Part of the Group with their tankards

On the Sunday morning Joss leads a very gentle stroll up over Buckbarrow and unlike last year we enjoyed a morning of exceptional clarity. The high tops of Snowdonia were clear to the south west and the Isle of Man seemed even closer than yesterday and just a little further north the Mourne mountains in Ireland could be seen.

JND01-100 Joss with Spy and a collie with an eye for publicity

JND01-101Joss Naylor Tankard held aloft to celebrate Wainwright no 214

Gordon clearly has a sense of occasion and having saved Buckbarrow to be his 214th and final “Wainwright” he celebrated with a surprise bottle of champagne before receiving Joss’s congratulations.

JND01-102Congratulations from Joss on completing “Wainwright’s High Fells”

JND01-103Joss, Pauline and Spy on Buckbarrow summit

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