Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Ian Hodgson Mountain Relay Leg 3 – 03 Oct

The “Ian Hodgson” is the first of the big relay races that will take place over the next few weeks. The Horwich RMI A team had raided the Vets team for runners to leave the Vets team a little depleted and so I found myself with a place. Paired with Tony Varley for Leg 3 we missed the worst of the weather and started late enough for the low clouds to lift. As neither of us had previously run this leg we were more than relieved as we watched the clouds lift and the rain ease.

IHMR-001 Clouds above Hartsop clearing the tops of the high fells

IHMR-002Saltwell’s Leg 3 pair await the arrival of their Leg 2 runners 

IHMR-003Otley AC Mixed Team handing over the dibber 

IHMR-006 Horwich RMI Vets finishing

IHMR-004 Chorley Mixed team finishing

IHMR-005The Trophy with Pete Bland’s van and the the last of the low clouds 

Tony and I held our own on Leg 3, catching 1 team but unable to stay with two of the other teams in the mass start on Leg 3. Overall, we were a bit disappointed with our final place but sometimes that is just what happens. The results and splits are all here.


Finally, walking back to the car I came across two of the largest mushrooms I have ever seen. The one below is the bigger of the two and has its own little puddle on top.

IHMR-007 A mushroom large enough to make a meal, if edible

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  1. Hi Ian

    I cant remember how I found your blog but I am enjoying following it anyway.
    Some exellent Photos that sum up all that I enjoy about fell running.

    All the best