Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Duddon Valley – 02 October

The annual Rucksack Club fell race is generally held on the first Saturday in October and 2010 wasn’t an exception. The location and the precise format of the fell race is determined by the organiser although navigation skills are always required and this year took the format of an Orienteering score event in the Duddon Valley. The best of the weather occurred before the start and while it didn’t rain until much later the clouds started to build from mid morning. This is a low key event involving about 25 people, most of whom we didn’t see out on the hills, and while we didn’t end up with the highest score (by a considerable margin) we only had trouble with one of the controls we tried to find and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

Duddon Valley-001 Low clouds clearing out as the first of the sunshine begins to appear

Duddon Valley-002 one of many streams trickling through a jumble of rocks

Duddon Valley-004 An old storm damaged tree still growing

Duddon Valley-005 Looking north up the valley

Duddon Valley-006 Characteristic small pool below some waterfalls

Duddon Valley-003 Morning sky that promised more than it delivered

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