Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Lake District Mountain Trial 2010

Last Sunday (12 Sept) saw the 57th running of the Lake District Mountain Trial, a fell race unlike any other. This would be my third “Trial” and so I am still, pretty much, a novice at route selection “on the fly” which is one of the keys to this race which is described, with typical understatement, as a “severe test of route choice, navigational skill and stamina in difficult mountain country”. Weather forecast was considerably better than the very difficult heat of the 2009 Trial.

2010 LDMT (1 of 7) Morning sunshine at Staveley

The sunrise looked good from the motorway, after the torrential rain passed south, but couldn’t match last year's spectacular sunrise. Still unable to shrug off a two week old cold but less concerned about it than I had been a week ago at The Ben, I was looking forward to enjoying a long day in the hills above and around Kentmere in the Far Eastern Fells of the Lake District.

2010 LDMT (2 of 7) Check Point 2 (at the tarn outlet) with Haweswater Reservoir curving into the distance

2010 LDMT (3 of 7) Rest Dodd with the Eastern Fells and more beyond

2010 LDMT (5 of 7) Hayeswater outflow below CP3

Recovery from the steep climb to CP3 on Harsop Dodd summit was not helped by the tormenting smell of gently frying bacon at the check point – I know the marshals have too eat too but, honestly, this was almost more than a tired fell runner could bear :-) I can’t really blame the lack of a bacon buttie but I did begin to struggle not long after here and decided to opt for flatter, if longer, routes between the remaining controls.

2010 LDMT (6 of 7) Troutbeck Tongue (centre) with Windermere beyond

2010 LDMT (7 of 7) Troutbeck Tongue (half in shadow) with the Coniston Fells in the distance

I estimate I covered a bit over 21 miles and a little over 7500 feet of climbing in 7:20:10 to finish in 115 place of 129 finishers, 21 of 26 in my age group. I thought I might have been able to do better but perhaps I hadn’t recovered from last weekend and, certainly, I still had a bit of a cold but there is always next year and it was a good day out, whatever the results say.  Full results and much more are here, on the SportIdent website.

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  1. Sorry i couldn't join you this year, looks like another grat day for it. Well done on a good run and write up :-))