Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Ben Nevis Race – 04 Sept

Last Saturday morning in Fort William waiting for the start of my first “Ben” race wracked by more trepidation than is usual before a new race and having carefully nurtured a summer cold all week I really wanted to be almost anywhere other than waiting for the Starter to say “Go”. The atmosphere is great, here are plenty of friendly, familiar faces and I begin to relax and remind myself to enjoy it for it will be over all too soon.

Ben Nevis Race 011  Piped to the start line

Ben Nevis Race 027 “Go”

Ben Nevis Race 047 below the Red Burn

Ben Nevis Race 052 Ian Holmes descends as mere mortals slog upwards


Ben Nevis Race - helicopter Helicopter in constant, noisy attendance

Ben Nevis Race - halfway Halfway

Ben Nevis Race Below the Red Burn

Blessed by good weather and dry rocks, this was a day to enjoy even if the, all too rare, views from the top were glimpsed rather than savoured. A steady climb and an unspectacular, very enjoyable descent gave me a finishing time of just over two and a half hours but what a two and a half hours. Two and a half hours earlier I was still wondering why runners spoke about “The Ben” with such strong feelings of awe and enjoyment whereas now, I no longer wonder why – I don’t understand it but I do share the same feelings. This is a very special race, indeed.

The results are here


  1. Well done Ian, a great one for the CV! I'll have a bash at this one of these years. Great write up too, very evocative.

    Glad you got down in one piece.


  2. I enjoyed the race too. Can't have been too far behind you judging by your photo of Ian Holmes.

    Great race

  3. Great photos of an atmospheric looking race! Well done, Ian.

  4. Wow! This looks like fun! Thanks for sharing the photos and report!