Friday, 27 August 2010

Smithills Reservoir Swim – 26 Aug

More madness is probably a better description than a tri-training session would be but it was, nevertheless, my first open water swim for many years and, in fact, probably my first swim for almost as long. I am unsure where I last swam in open water but it may have been on the Great Barrier Reef and it is difficult to imagine a much greater contrast than a reservoir high on the side of Winter Hill. For some time I have been trying to resist this and thought I had an alternative – an open water swim at Salford Quays with Ray. He, however, preferred Winter Hill but was noticeable by his absence last night – just a coincidence?

SR_Swim-001  Nicole, Ed (main perpetrator), self and Mary

SR_Swim-002Almost a quarter of a mile later 

Neither the water nor the wind were as cold as they might have been and not as cold as I expected so we probably got off quite lightly. If nothing else it was a timely reminder how much work I am going to have to do over the winter if I am to give myself a chance of finishing a triathlon. Thanks to Pauline for the photos.


  1. brilliant! your face in the second snap is exactly why i won't ever be joining you ;) good luck with the training though.

  2. Bracing doesn't really come close!