Friday, 13 August 2010

Farewell Waterton, Hello Canmore

After a couple of days we headed north to Canmore which lies a little to the south and east of Banff in the Bow Valley.

Canada 2010 002A Waterton local watches us depart for Canmore 


Canada 2010 023 The “Three Sisters” above Canmore

Late in the afternoon we climbed Ha Ling Peak above Canmore, almost literally racing storms to the summit – fortunately we won. According to Wikipedia the name of the peak is controversial – originally it was referred to as “The Beehive” until, in 1896, a Chinese cook won a bet of $50 by climbing the peak and placing a flag on its summit in less than 10 hours. This he did but nobody believed him so he took a party of doubters to the summit the following day to plant a larger flag beside his original. In his honour the peak was thereafter referred to as Chinaman’s Peak but by 1997 when “Chinaman” was viewed as derogatory it was renamed “Ha Ling Peak”.

Canada 2010 004

from Ha Ling summit north west towards Banff and an approaching storm

 Canada 2010 007

from Ha Ling summit looking south west to another storm

 Canada 2010 011 Miners Peak (adjacent to Ha Ling Peak)

Mount Allan via the Centennial Trail provided a complete contrast to the barren rocky summits of Ha Ling and Miners Peaks. The Centennial Trail zigzags its way through wild flower meadows before climbing out on to a wide stony ridge with grass and flowers right to the summit of Mount Allan. As it often the case, it isn’t the highest peaks that provide the best views and so it is with Mount Allan (9252 ft), dwarfed by nearby peaks it nevertheless provides spectacular views of the surrounding Rockies.

Canada 2010 049Indian Paintbrush

  Canada 2010 058 Gentian with meadow beyond

Canada 2010 067 looking south from below Mount Allan


Canada 2010 076

Mount Allan summit (brownish colour on the right)

 Canada 2010 093looking back down the Centennial Trail from the summit

 Canada 2010 102north west from Mount Allan

 Canada 2010 106north east towards Canmore and the Bow Valley


 Canada 2010 108flowers on the summit

 Canada 2010 122 across Bow Valley beyond Canmore

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