Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Cirque Peak (9819 ft / 2993 m)

Cirque Peak is on the north east side of the Columbia Icefield Parkway in Banff National Park and is so named because of a large cirque lying below its northern cliffs where a small glacier and bergshrund are also to be found. The route starts at the Helen Lake trail head over looking Bow Lake and across the highway from Crowfoot Mountain and its glacier.

Canada 2010 028 Wild flowers on the car park verge

Canada 2010 031 summits above Bow Lake

Once above the tree line the views are, as ever, spectacular and on the way to Helen Lake (between Cirque Peak and Dolomites Peaks) green grassy meadows teeming with wild flowers and wild life are crossed. The climb is a slog up loose scree below a short scramble to the (false) summit – the true summit remains out of sight until the false one is reached.

Canada 2010 069 Cirque Peak with true summit second from left

Canada 2010 074 Looking back from Cirque Peak to Dolomite Peaks (centre of picture)

Canada 2010 078 Pauline on the false summit with Bow Glacier behind

Canada 2010 093 Bow Lake with Bow Glacier in the distance

Canada 2010 105 Dolomite Peaks

Canada 2010 110 another ubiquitous Marmot

Canada 2010 125 Ptarmigan with chick

Canada 2010 122 Crowsfoot Glacier


  1. Amazing photos...I have lots of fond memories of visiting the Rockies!

  2. Thanks Stuart .. it was a great trip.