Sunday, 11 July 2010

Geraldine Walkington BGR Leg 3 – 10 July

Awful weather the previous night continued into Saturday morning up to and beyond Geraldine’s starting time of 08:00. Torrential rain, seemingly prompted by the “hosepipe ban” invoked to same water, fell without relenting and was forecast to continue for almost all of the next twenty four hours. At the end of the first leg, at Honister Hause, the almost inevitable decision to abort the attempt was taken. Colin, Paul and I had just arrived at Dunmail, as planned when we were bombarded with text messages and phone calls to ensure we were aware to the changed plans.

Convening in Keswick, we joined Geraldine, her husband Peter and the rest of Leg 1 and Road Support teams for  tea, coffee or hot chocolate to consider options for a second attempt at the end of August.

GW 11 July 10 (1 of 2)  Geraldine (red jacket) and some of her support

It isn’t always easy to explain just how localised bad weather can be and, often, it is even more difficult to explain just how much rain can fall in a very short time. Earlier in the summer Pauline and I had a run over Wansfell and a wander through Ambleside afterwards and this is how Rattle Gill looked then, as it normally does.

GW 11 July 10 (10 of 1) Rattle Gill, Ambleside early in May 2010

GW 11 July 10 (2 of 2) Rattle Gill, Ambleside 10 July 2010

Apologies for the drop of rain on the lens but the rain was still very heavy. I hope it doesn’t detract from the comparison with the photo above and bear in mind the rain was forecast to continue for like this for the rest of the day and beyond. Continuing beyond Honister Hause into Leg 2 wouldn’t have been a good choice and all that remains is to wish Geraldine every success for her second attempt at the end of August.


  1. A good call Ian. I was supporting Andy Kitts overnight, and the weather was dreadful. We thought it couldn't get any worse....but in fact it did on Saturday night, the winds were even stronger.

  2. Garaldine's husband Pete spoke to Joss to find out how bad things were in Wasdale and the conditions both at Honister and Wasdale were sufficiently bad for the attempt to be abandoned. Having seen what they were like at Dunmail and torrents pouring down the hill sides we weren't surprised. I'll tell Geraldine things got even worse.