Wednesday, 16 June 2010

One Year Later – 16 June

A year ago tomorrow I started putting together this blog although the first post didn’t appear until a few days later. Today, I am overwhelmed to see that it has attracted over 8,500 visitors from all over the world. Today, also, I want to say “thank you” to all of you who stop by and especially to those of you who leave comments here or on Twitter or Facebook - thank you for taking the time and trouble to so do. I really appreciate your feedback.

2009-10-17_Joss_Dinner_I_ 182-10 

I wondered about trying to find a few favourite photos from the last twelve months but selecting them just become more and more difficult as the anniversary approached – instead, just one photograph – Joss with his dogs, Tich & Spy on a November day on Buck Barrow above Wast Water in Wasdale. This wasn’t a carefully composed landscape or a scene I had in mind beforehand; it was simply a snapshot taken as he turned to walk away from looking at a sheep on a ledge below us. Only much later did I realise it seems to capture something of the essence of a man at one with his surroundings and it remains the my evocative image of the last year.


  1. I always enjoy seeing updates on your blog Ian. What a fabulous image of Joss. Happy Birthday by the way! DT

  2. Thanks Andrew, and for my own birthday wishes too.

  3. Aye, that picture of Joss would be top choice in my collection too, a remarkable man who moulds perfectly into his remarkable surroundings.

  4. Brilliant photo Ian, really captures the feel of Joss in his own environment.

    Always found your blog a great read with fantastic photos.

  5. belated blog birthday wishes. hope you continue to record your adventures in such an inspiring way.