Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Mark Jackson BGR Leg 3 – 05 June

If part of the title seems hauntingly familiar, it probably should do – the last time I was at Dunmail was waiting for Mark Smith to start Leg 3 of a clockwise Bob Graham Round was around 6 months ago at 04:30 on a very cold, dark morning (Mark Smith's Winter BGR). This time, with Mark Jackson, it is a warm sunny morning and keeping cool rather than keeping warm will be an issue.

MS BGR - 001Albert and some of the road crew waiting on Mark 

MS BGR - 002 The sun is going to come over Seat Sandal before Mark

MS BGR - 003 Hearty breakfast and a change of shoes for Mark

MS BGR - 004 Mark (in white) with two pacers approaching Steel Fell

MS BGR - 006 From High Raise with Great Gable in the distance

MS BGR - 007

On Sergeant Man, still enjoying himself and with time bite to eat 


MS BGR - 008 The ever prominent Pike O’Stickle with Bowfell beyond

MS BGR - 009 Approaching the summit of Pike O’Stickle

 MS BGR - 010

Coffee on Rossett Pike before climbing Bowfell

MS BGR - 011 From the left - Sca Fell, Scafell Pike and Ill Crag

MS BGR - 013From Scafell Pike – Great Gable with its own cloud and Grasmoor beyond

MS BGR - 014 Great Gable and its own clouds

MS BGR - 015 Almost up Broad Stand on Sca Fell

MS BGR - 016

Leg 4 appears on the other side of Wasdale

 MS BGR - 017

Wast Water and lower Wasdale

 MS BGR - 018

Running off Sca Fell to the last drop (of Leg 3)

 MS BGR - 019

The Last Drop of Leg 3 – the scree run down into Wasdale


 MS BGR - 020

Upper Wasdale with Kirk Fell and its own clouds

 MS BGR - 021 Enjoying the break at Wasdale

Comfortably ahead of his schedule at Wasdale, Mark continued strongly to finish at the Moot Hall in 23:11, having covered about 70 miles and 28,000 feet of ascent and descent, to be eligible for membership of the Bob Graham 24 Hour Club. Welcome to the club, Mark!


  1. Looks like a great day, Ian- and very relaxed too.. Top job.

  2. Wow.My kind of race. Maybe one day when I grow up (and get in the proper shape). The landscape and sights are absolutely stunning. Thanks for sharing Ian!