Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Chris Armour CRR Leg 2 – 19 June

Ramsay’s Round (CRR – Charlie Ramsay’s Round) is the classic Scottish 24 hour challenge – 24 Lochaber Munros in 24 hours - 56 miles with 28,500 feet of climbing. First completed in July 1978 and with only 55 completers since it is a hard day out. More details can be found on the Ramsay's Round website.

Last Saturday saw Chris leave the Glen Nevis Youth Hostel at 12 noon on a clockwise round in glorious warm sunshine – perhaps a little warm but with the prospect of a breeze on the tops to provide some relief.

CA CRR-001 Underway, at last

Wendy Dodds, Mathew Hack and I would meet Chris at Loch Treig just beyond Fersit for Leg 2. Leg 1 was warmer than Chris would have wanted and while eating didn’t seem to have been much of a problem keeping adequately hydrated had been difficult. Leg 2 contains two significant climbs which should allow Chris to rehydrate and to keep eating.

CA CRR-002 North west back towards Loch Treig (lower left)

The climb is steep and just gets steeper as the climb continues and the views unfold to the north west behind us. There is just a hint of golden colour in the sky as we approach halfway on Stob Coire Sgroidain.

CA CRR-003 still smiling

CA CRR-004 Wendy, Chris and Mathew with the summits near Glencoe on the far horizon

CA CRR-005South over the summit of Stob Coire Sgroidain

CA CRR-006 South from Stob Coire Sgroidain

CA CRR-007 Crossing to Cho Dearg

CA CRR-008 South from Cho Dearg

CA CRR-009 South from Cho Dearg

CA CRR-010 Sunset from Cho Dearg

After sunset so much light remained that we were able to reach the third of the three summits on this leg just after midnight without having to use head torches and there was just enough light left for a final picture at 6 minutes to midnight.

CA CRR-011 north west from Beinn na Lap

Unfortunately by now Chris was struggling to keep up with his schedule and feeling somewhat less than completely sparkling. The decision to retire seemed almost unavoidable and Chris decided on the descent from Beinn na Lap not to continue beyond the end of Leg 2. Our walk out from the end of Leg 2 was later than scheduled which meant, having seen the sun set on Saturday night we watched it rise on Sunday morning.

CA CRR-100 Sgurr Elide Mor – first summit on Leg 3

CA CRR-101 South west over Loch Elide Mor

CA CRR-102 South west over Loch Elide Mor

This turned out to be a very special night in Lochaber in conditions experienced all too rarely and while commiserations are due to Chris so are our thanks for providing the opportunity and excuse for a magical all-nighter in the hills.


  1. Stunning photographs in very 'one-off' conditions!

  2. Wow Ian! Looks a grand night to have been out. Commiserations to Chris. Is he having another go this summer? DT

  3. Loch Elide Mor looks absolutely stunning, scotland at its summer best!

    the short list of completions show just how tough a round this is. i hope chris is recovering well and making plans for another go.

  4. There is talk of a 2011 attempt (: