Monday, 28 June 2010

Chris Armour CRR – 19 June

Last weekend Mathew Hack who would run Leg 2 accompanied Chris up Ben Nevis at the start of Leg 1, carrying extra fluids and still managing to get a couple of photos.

CA CRR II (5 of 9)Chris on the summit (photo M Hack)

CA CRR II (6 of 9)

Chris descending from the Ben (photo M Hack)

Being able to revisit the weekend of the 19th provides an excuse to have a look at some of the nearby hills and by travelling north very early on the Saturday morning meant I found myself in Glencoe enjoying the morning sunshine without having to climb any of the surrounding mountains.

CA CRR II (1 of 9) Looking west at two of the Three Sisters in Glencoe

CA CRR II (2 of 9)Same two Sisters with Bidean nam Bian behind

Beyond Glencoe I sat on the beach on Loch Leven looking at the Pap of Glencoe (Sgorr na Ciche) remembering our visit to the summit a year or two again in pouring rain that stayed with us almost to the other end of the Aonach Eagach. Today would have been just about perfect for the traverse.

CA CRR II (3 of 9) The Pap of Glencoe above Loch Leven

As Chris set off across Glen Nevis I took a gentle stroll up the glen and a little way up Ben Nevis to have a look at, both the Glen and the Munros Pauline and I had visited in damp cloudy conditions a few weeks earlier on 30 May 2010.

CA CRR II (4 of 9) Stob Ban above Glen Nevis

CA CRR II (7 of 9) Glen Nevis with Sgurr a Mhaim, Stob Ban and Mullach nan Coirean on the skyline

CA CRR II (8 of 9)Heather Bells on the side of Ben Nevis

CA CRR II (9 of 9)Stob Coire Sgiodain above Loch Treig at the start of Leg 2

Geoff and Mike who would have run the third and final leg came out to see Chris on his way into Leg 2 and like the rest of us were very surprised at the exceptionally low water level in the loch - the water level should be almost as high as the greenery on the far bank.

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