Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Wansfell – 02 May

With only a “leg-stretch” required after yesterday’s long session on the Anglezarke Moors Wansfell looked inviting, not least, because as is often the case small hills nestling between big one provide the most interesting views. Wansfell stands above Ambleside and provides an attractive, if busy, route out of the town. The other end of the fell is bound by the Kirkstone Road and provides a quieter (and flatter) approach as well as impressive views to the north.

Wansfell -001 Rattle Gill in Ambleside

Wansfell -002South west to Wetherlam with Wet Side Edge in sunshine


Wansfell -003 Pauline with Red Screes on the left above Kirkstone Pass

Wansfell -004

North west to Langdale Pikes, Bowfell and just visible in the far distance Scafell Pike 


Wansfell -005South over Windermere with Morecambe Bay beyond

Wansfell -006 Langdale Pikes and Bowfell again with Ambleside below

The two mile trot along the ridge was just enough to loosen our legs and provide an excuse to sit in the sunshine, sheltered behind a rocky outcrop away from the crowds trooping up from Ambleside and enjoy the views. The threat of rain which eventually materialised as a very brief flurry of snow drove us back along the ridge to car where a hot drink awaited.


  1. oh yeah I am all about sitting in the sunshine!

  2. Sometimes you just have to sit in the sunshine (:

  3. Good going Ian, great idea to go for it solo inspiring stuff for those of us getting back into the big runs.