Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Sabden Valley – 04 April

With ever changing weather forecasts we chopped and changed our plans for Easter and while we weren’t able to get everything done we did manage to go and have a look at a route Pauline needs for later in the year. Just south of Pendle Hill, in the Forest of Pendle, is a valley which, whilst not free from the ravages of civilisation is far removed from the northern industrial towns of Colne, Nelson, Brierfield and Burnley against which it nestles. Two long ridges provide a good long 20+ mile run away from Bank Holiday crowds. With just a little flexibility the route can be made to visit the four nearby Trig Points.

The torrential rain we saw during breakfast persuaded us that a delay of an hour or so wouldn’t go amiss and so although we set out under leaden skies the day improved thereafter.

Sabden Skyline - 001 Trig on The Rough

Sabden Skyline - 002 Easter Cross above Newchurch in Pendle


Sabden Skyline - 003 Pendle Hill


Sabden Skyline - 004Trig on Stang Top Moor with Pendle Hill in the distance


Sabden Skyline - 005  Trig on the Rigg of England on the south side of the valley looking east


Sabden Skyline - 006 Looking East up Sabden valley


Sabden Skyline - 007 Trig on Black Hill looking towards north east towards Pendle Hill


Sabden Skyline - 008Looking north west from the west end of the valley in late afternoon 

This route is one we recall with a special fondness as it was one of our earliest 20+ mile routes but one which we took two (consecutive) days to do staying overnight at a pub in Blacko. Ah, those were the days - walk 12 miles to the pub, have a few beers, stay over, have breakfast and then walk back the next day!

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  1. ...that's the first time i've seen what pendle hill looks like!!!!