Thursday, 11 March 2010

Western Fells – 28 February

On Sunday 28th February, the day after Helen & I had been on Helvellyn and Skiddaw, we had a walk over the hilly parts of Leg 1 with Rae and Pauline. A little lower than Helvellyn and on a slightly better day (even Helvellyn was free of clouds for most of the day) the snow wasn’t as difficult and the clouds were a little higher. I don’t think I have climbed Robinson by this route since August 2006 and the memories just came flooding back – the lone tree on the skyline, the stiff climb out of the valley (“How am I going to do this for another 23 hours?”) and the enjoyable run down to the climb up Hindscarth.

The Smithy (19 of 22) West over the Buttermere Fells

The Smithy (21 of 22) West with Great Gable in the distance


The Smithy (22 of 22)West to High Crag 

Robinson, Hindscarth and Dale Head are a hugely significant triumvirate for aspiring BG contenders, either at the beginning when they are the first taste of the hills to come or, perhaps more likely, the final three to complete the 42 and lead into the last few miles along the road back to the Moot Hall in Keswick. They also provide a glimpse of the wonderful fells west of Buttermere and even under the threatening skies that stayed with us all morning these fells were so inviting. On Dale Head Helen was planning a recce for later in March while we stood and drank in the views, wishing we had time to wander round the next leg and drop into the Wasdale Head Inn for supper as we had done once before on a long summer’s day from Buttermere to Wasdale.


  1. Awesome photos as usual! I always look forward to your next one!

  2. There's still an awful lot of snow for this late in the year! Did you have a hard winter? Many of the mountains here in California will have snow on them for a while yet....

  3. We have had a lot of snow that isn't going away and in Scotland where the hills are up to 1000 feet higher some people are beginning to wonder about still skiing on the highest in June. It is great fun but making hard training on the high fells difficult.

  4. Awesome pictures Ian, very atmospheric - but the sort of landscapes my old bones can't tolerate for any length of time now, more's the pity. While you were taking those we were festering in the Canary Islands.
    Nevertheless, we'd a wonderful time in the Lakes this last weekend when the weather had warmed up a little. Thanks for your comments.