Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Chinley to Hathersage – 27 March

Last weekend when I planned to race the “Edale Skyline” I was stricken with a cold that Pauline was just getting over and I wasn’t out apart from a short bike ride in the rain. Although I resumed running during the week this Rucksack Club walk was timed perfectly to provide a long but not too arduous day out. From Chinley we went south of the Derwent watershed (and the High Peak Marathon (HPM) route) and could see its southern ridges and summits. Mam Tor is probably the furthest south we had ventured before this walk.

Chinley-001 North west towards Mam Tor with Rushup Edge running from the left

Over Mag Low and Goutries Hill before crossing Bradwell Moor and dropping into Bradwell the route wandered through and around the remains of the area’s industrial past. The land here is littered with old mine shafts and disused quarries.

Chinley-002 Bradwell

Beyond Bradwell, Abney Moor provides some high ground with panoramic views of the area with more glimpses of the HPM route.

Chinley-003 North east from above Bradwell looking back to Mam Tor

On the far side of Abney Moor, Bamford can be seen nestling below Bamford Moor with the southern end of Ladybower Reservoir just visible in the distance.

 Chinley-005Win Hill near the centre with Bamford Moor on the right 


Chinley-004 Bamford below Bamford Moor with Ladybower Reservior in the middle distance


Chinley-006 Final descent to Hathersage (in the shadows) for a train back to Chinley

Significantly lower than the high plateau of Edale Moor these moors are altogether gentler and far less bleak. This is a quiet corner of the High Peak – we didn’t see any other walkers or runners until just outside Hathersage – and while I am happy we have seen these moors I don’t think they have the enduring appeal required to draw us back.