Monday, 22 February 2010

Northern Fells – 20 February

The weather forecast suggested a weekend of two halves with Saturday being predicted to be the half with sunshine while Sunday would get the snow and so it transpired which made our decision to head for the hills north of the A66, on Saturday, a particularly good one. Not only a weekend of two halves but a day of two halves – a bright sunny morning under an almost cloudless sky that developed clouds; dark, heavy, dramatic clouds later in the day.

Having seen photographs taken from Knott Halloo on Gategill Fell (on Blencathra) Pauline had long wanted to see the views for herself and so we climbed Blencathra in brilliant winter sunshine by Gategill Fell and up over Knott Halloo.

Northern Fells  (1 of 10)Looking south down Gategill Fell


Northern Fells  (2 of 10) Looking south down Gategill Fell

With only our own footprints for company working our way up the ridge.

Northern Fells  (4 of 10) Looking south west from Gategill Fell summit

The ice axes may seem superfluous but without them we wouldn’t have got through the small but awkward cornice at the end of the ridge.

Northern Fells  (3 of 10) Skiddaw to the north west


Northern Fells  (5 of 10) Looking south west over Gategill Fell

From Blencathra  we crossed Mungrisedale Common to reach Lonscale Fell before climbing Skiddaw where darkening dramatic skies were developing.


Northern Fells  (6 of 10) South over Derwent Water


Northern Fells  (7 of 10) South over Derwent Water again


Northern Fells  (10 of 10) South west from the Trig Point


Northern Fells  (9 of 10) South West from above Carl Side


Northern Fells  (8 of 10) south west to the North Western Fells 

Finally back down the Tourist Track and round to Threlkeld to complete another wonderful day’s running in the hills.


  1. OMG! Those photos are incredible! You guys are SO lucky to be able to hike/climb these mountains. =D

  2. Amazing pictures as always, Ian.

  3. another great days out in the fells. i think blencathra is my favourite lakeland hill, it just looks so alpine.

  4. Kate, Blencarthra is one of the great fells and if you haven't been up over Knott Halloo then you must, before too long. It is still little used and very quiet.

  5. Ian - STUNNING pictures - a very very different view to the one I had on Blencathra Summit only a week prior. Whiteout. :-(

  6. Hey Ian, did you get a new camera for Christmas? Loved the photos, maybe you should produce a coffee table book, 'a running year in photos', you've quite an eye..thanks for these.

  7. Thanks Duncan, glad you like them.