Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Winter Hill Sunrise – 9 January

Having planned to do The Rucksack Club Marsden-Edale Double (Edale-Marsden-Edale) I was increasingly concerned about the weather as the week wore on. Finally, on Friday morning I concluded the powder snow on Kinder and elsewhere was so deep that a double crossing would probably be impossible and so we bailed out. In the event both double crossing and the single crossing were abandoned because of the snow but one individual did mange to ski a single crossing in about 12 hours.

Having seen a particularly stunning sunrise on Friday morning I thought an early run to see it from high on Winter Hill would be worthwhile and I persuaded Colin it would be worth it too. Off out of Horwich before the crack of dawn (literally) only to see a bank clouds on the horizon where the sun would rise. Although we denied the earliest sunlight we were treated to a glorious early morning run on dry powder snow. I know the snow on the pavements is getting to be a chore – I ran on it all week – but had you been with us on Saturday morning you too would have forgiven the inconvenience for the joy and exhilaration of those first few hours of sunshine on snow.

Winter Hill Sunrise (1 of 6)First light over Bolton with the moon high on the right

 Winter Hill Sunrise (2 of 6)The masts

 Winter Hill Sunrise (3 of 6)The TV mast with the moon sinking

 Winter Hill Sunrise (4 of 6)Trig Point


 Winter Hill Sunrise (5 of 6)First sunlight

 Winter Hill Sunrise (6 of 6) Winter Hill from nearby Noon Hill


  1. Cracking pictures Ian, particularly taken with the black & white one with the boundary wall.
    Happy New year to yourself & Pauline, hope its a belter. Looks to have got off to a good start anyway! May collar you for a guided tour of Winter Hill soon..Cheers Duncan

  2. Thanks Duncan. Good to hear from you. Happy New Year to you. Winter Hill Tours start any time you want. :)