Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Winter Hill Brocken Spectre – 23 January

With the prospect of another spectacular winter sunrise I left Horwich before first light on a gloomy foggy morning en route to the three Trig Points on Winter Hill. 10 or 15 minutes later the first light appeared in the sky above the clouds covering Greater Manchester and the surrounding towns. For the rest of the morning I enjoyed bright, in not warm, sunshine and drifting clouds.


Winter Hill 23 Jan 10 (2 of 8)First light

Winter Hill 23 Jan 10 (3 of 8)  Sunrise

Winter Hill 23 Jan 10 (1 of 8)Looking back down to Horwich from just above the cloud ceiling

The best known of the three Trig Points is on the summit but there are two others overlooking Bolton, south east of the summit. Both were above the clouds and bathed in golden early light.

Winter Hill 23 Jan 10 (5 of 8) Old Harpers with the masts beyond

Winter Hill 23 Jan 10 (4 of 8) Slack Hall catches the sunshine

After leaving the second Trig Point on Whimberry Hill and crossing Counting Hill to reach Winter Hill and the third Trig Point the golden glow was gone. All around low clouds boiled up out of the surrounding valleys making a concerted attempt to engulf all the high ground.


Winter Hill 23 Jan 10 (6 of 8) Over Spitlers Edge towards Great Hill

Winter Hill 23 Jan 10 (8 of 8) Towards Walker Fold with clouds drifting north from Manchester

Finally, making my way back to the summit for the third time with the clouds swirling around the highest ground I glanced to my left to see my own Brocken Spectre to complete a magical morning.

Winter Hill 23 Jan 10 (7 of 8) Brocken Spectre

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  1. Amazing photos as always, looks like snow melted pretty quickly for you!