Monday, 4 January 2010

Inversion over the Lancashire Plain

A couple of days after Boxing Day, making an effort to burn some Christmas calories we ran over Healey Nab, Great Hill and Winter Hill. In very low temperatures with much of the snow turning to ice the going was difficult in places. Approaching White Coppice we started to see an inversion covering most of the Lancashire Plain and the most surprising aspect was that we would climb above it before reaching the lowly summit of Healey Nab (630ft). This turned out not to be quite true as the slightly hazy photographs will show.

Winter Hill Winter Hill


Inversion over Lancashire  South west over Chorley towards Liverpool

Reebock Stadium in the distance  South towards Bolton with the Reebock Stadium lights in the distance

Daresbury Power Station West towards Warrington with Daresbury power station adding to the clouds


  1. Nice photographs. The one of Winter Hill brings back memories of my rivalry with the late George Brass. He'd beaten me in the '91 Peaks and I was determined to get my own back at Winter Hill two weeks later. But he was too wily and managed to slip away again.

  2. George Brass, one of the "Clayton Greats", with a distinguished record in the Lake District Mountain Trial - particularly in 1962 when he was the only finisher!