Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Boxing Day – Edgeworth Reservoirs

In addition to a run up Winter Hill on Christmas Day we have a long standing tradition on Boxing Day involving a long walk over Turton Moors with Steve & Eileen to the Strawberry Duck for lunch before an equally long walk back. Sadly, the Strawberry Duck has not survived the current downturn and although re-opening rumours have been circulating since its closure in April 2009 they have remained as only rumours. Finding an alternative for lunch wasn’t too difficult and the walk back around the Edgeworth Reservoirs in the afternoon sunshine was a delight.

Why “Boxing Day”? I didn’t know either but Wikipedia has some ideas.

Boxing Day 2009 (3 of 3) Steve, Eileen, Pauline, self


Boxing Day 2009 (2 of 3) Wayoh Reservoir

Boxing Day 2009 (2 of 7) Boxing Day should perhaps be renamed “Walking Day” (if you can avoid shopping)

Boxing Day 2009 (3 of 7)Turton & Entwhistle Reservoir (1)

 Boxing Day 2009 (4 of 7)Turton & Entwhistle Reservoir (2)

 Boxing Day 2009 (5 of 7)

3 inch tall Snowman at Turton & Entwhistle Reservoir

 Boxing Day 2009 (6 of 7)Belmont with Winter Hill beyond (1)

 Boxing Day 2009 (7 of 7) Belmont with Winter Hill beyond (2)



  1. beautiful shots...sounds like a marvelous day out. happy new year, sir. looking forward to many more pics and reports. cheers

  2. I wish we had made the snowman rather than just spotting it and that was difficult enough