Thursday, 24 December 2009

Christmas Eve – Borsdane Wood

With a rare opportunity to run in daylight on a Thursday I was disappointed to find Winter Hill wreathed in low cloud. Borsdane Wood & the Leeds-Liverpool offer a cloud free alternative which is almost flat; too flat for a fell runner, I have heard it described but my legs are still trying to recover from last Saturday in the Lakes and will appreciate a few easy miles to just top 50 and a bit for the week.

Earlier in the year  ( I was lucky to catch some autumn sunshine in the wood and this morning provided something of a contrast. Probably as many dogs as people use Borsdane Wood and the combination of many dogs, distracted owners and a runner is not one I am always entirely comfortable with, especially when I am the runner. None of the dogs in the woods bothered me and a bit later, by bridge 62, one appeared out of nowhere and was too startled or puzzled, even to bark, when he saw me.


Borsdane Wood (1 of 9)the first footbridge

Borsdane Wood (2 of 9)

 the following bend


Borsdane Wood (3 of 9) the second footbridge

Borsdane Wood (4 of 9)

nothing moving here today

 Borsdane Wood (5 of 9)

fallen trees

 Borsdane Wood (7 of 9)  bridge 62

Borsdane Wood (6 of 9) puzzled dog

Borsdane Wood (8 of 9) Haigh Hall playground – lonely engine


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