Monday, 16 November 2009

Winter Hill

Originally we planned to go to north Wales ahead of The Rucksack Club dinner but the weather forecast was so poor we decided to travel down later in the day which meant I could have time for a run up Winter Hill if I was out early enough. Setting off in the rain under a brightening sky I wasn’t optimistic but I took a camera anyway.

Winter Hill (1 of 2)

Over Manchester the cloud cover wasn’t quite complete and the sun was trying really hard to brighten the morning. Sadly, this wasn’t to last and although by the time I reached the top of Winter Hill I could see the sky clearing away to the north east everywhere else the cloud cover was complete and threatening.

Turning to run the six and a half miles home I was surprised to see Manchester bathed in the yellow glow of November sunshine.  I am not sure there is enough detail to allow anyone to recognise Manchester although, once you know, you might recognise just the tower.

Winter Hill (2 of 2)

I got home warm and dry but with very tired, tight legs at the end of 13 road miles. It seems my legs have forgotten how to run but I am still trying to shake off the cold I picked up a week or so ago. Tired or not, I should get back to running before work next week and settling into my “winter training” routine.

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  1. Didn't realise you could see that far from Winter Hill. Great shot.