Thursday, 5 November 2009

Puig Tomir

Two years ago in the company of a karaoke-obsessed Scotsman we climbed Tomir (1103m) swept by heavy rain and swathed in low cloud. The conditions weren’t that bad when we left Lluc but a steady deterioration ensured we were wearing everything we were carrying by the summit. We saw nothing from, what is said to be, a commanding position at the head of the Pollenca valley and so with more stable weather this year we were tempted to return. Tomir is also close to Black Vulture Conservation Foundation (BVCF) and a place where Black Vultures are likely to be seen. Ironically, we didn’t see any here this year or two years ago but we saw a pair yesterday on Es Teix sitting on rocks watching walkers, almost like a cartoon.

This must have been a very dry summer on Mallorca as two reservoirs supplying Palma (Cuber & Blue Gorge) have very low water levels.

Blue Gorge Blue Gorge reservoir with Sa Rateta (1122m) on the distant skyline 

The morning’s rain didn’t materialise and as we set off for Puig Tomir’s summit the grey clouds were breaking up and drifting away. Encouraged by these improvements we stopped for a bit to eat just below the summit plateau and we stopped just long enough for the mid afternoon clouds to drift in!

Tomir Approaching Puig Tomir’s summit

With no likelihood of the clouds lifting we walked to the trig point, turned round and headed back to Binifaldi. The clouds remained on all the high summits but others remained clear.


Sa Moleta in clouds   Sa Moleta (835m) under clouds

Puig Caragoler

Northwest to Puig Caragoler (923m) in sunshine

Tomir (5 of 8)

Northwest to Puig Roig (1004m) with Puig Caragoler on the right


Puig Tomir still in cloud

Port de Soller is a working harbour with its own fleet of fishing vessels and nets laid out on the harbour to dry between trips. The larger vessels appear to slip out of the harbour after dark and return in late afternoon although I am far from sure this is a consistent pattern. The one below was preparing to depart.

fishing boat in Soller harbour fishing boat in Soller harbour


Tomir (8 of 8)

Roma bar on the sea front

Map picture

map centred on Puig Tomir

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