Thursday, 5 November 2009

Puig de Galatzo

Puig de Galatzo (1027m) is the highest of the south western mountains, the only one higher than 1000m and on a clear day, because of its position, commands outstanding views. Very clear days at this time of year are rare, not least, because of the smoke from bonfires in the olive groves and so although the views are outstanding they are also somewhat hazy.



Galatzo looking north east

Looking north east with Puntals de Son Fortesa (893m) on the left and Es Teix beyond


Looking south west to S’Esclop (928m)

While the views may be hazy the cairn builders around Galatzo are inspired and not content with merely building small piles of stones they take every advantage of the local amenities – from dead bushes to huge boulders.

cairn on Galatzo


cairn on Galatzo 

This must have been built by a climber, or a boulderer, because the boulder itself is about 7 metres high

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