Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Es Teix

Es Teix (1064m) stands high above Deia and Valdemossa from where it is easily ascended. Es Teix is a popular mountain without any real distinguishing features apart from its location in the middle of a long ridge that runs from  Talia Vella above Valdemossa to Sa Gelara above Soller. This ridge provides a long interesting walk which we did a couple of years ago. The Sa Galera end is remote and rarely visited and provides a better end to the day than the, now closed, route to Col De Soller. Es Teix provides extensive views to both sides of Mallorca as well as along the main ridge of the Serra de Tramuntana and south to Galatzo.

North over Alfabia From the south side of Es Teix looking north east with the radio masts on Alfabia and at the far end of the ridge Massanella on the skyline

Palma from Es Teix From the south side of Es Teix looking south east over Palma

Galatzo from es Teix

From the south side of Es Teix looking south west with the conical summit of Galatzo on the far skyline

Puig Major from Es Teix

From the north summit of Es Teix looking north east with Alfabia, L’Ofre, Massanella and Puig Major all clearly visible

Es Teix

West summit of Es Teix

North East along the coast

Looking north east with Puig Major visible beyond the late afternoon clouds


Es Teix, Mallorca


  1. You must have a phenomenal camera! Your pictures are awesome!

  2. Gina,

    Thanks for your comment and I am pleased you like the pictures.

    I use a Canon Powershot G10 and I am very pleased with the results. Being a compact, albeit a largish one, it is small enough to put in a pocket, bumbag (fanny pack?) or rucksack side pocket and it is always easy to reach and use.