Thursday, 5 November 2009

Circuit of L’Ofre

The Barranc de Biniaraix is one of the most emblematic walks on the island and as part of the route to the Monastery of Lluc, used by pilgrims since the 14th Century, it is one of the oldest. Staring at Biniaraix the cobbled track winds its way up through the gorge (barranc) to reach an alp occupied by the farm at L’Ofre above which tower a number 1000m peaks including Puig L’Ofre. On an earlier trip we walked the Serra d’Alfabia (1067m) from the radio masts to Es Cornadors (956m) but didn’t have time to visit Puig des Col des Jou (1052m) on the ridge between L’Ofre and Orient in the valley far below towards Palma.

SollerSoller from near the top of the Barranc

Puig de L'Ofre Puig de L’Ofre with the farm below

Alfabia & Es Teix 

Alfabia (with radio masts) and Es Teix on the skyline


Soller with Port de Soller beyond from Es Cornadors

L'Ofre, Puig Major and Massanella

From Puig des Col des Jou with Puig Major (left) Puig de L’Ofre (wooded in centre) and Massanella in the distance

The late afternoon clouds may have been troublesome on Tomir but today as we descended the Barranc they provided some dramatic pictures swirling around Es Cornadors.


Es Cornadors


L'Ofre (8 of 9)


L'Ofre (9 of 9) A splendid way to complete a splendid day.


Map centred on L'Ofre

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