Thursday, 12 November 2009

Borsdane Wood

The contrast of warm Mallorcan sunshine with cold Lancashire rain could not have been more complete and such was the shock that I picked up a fierce cold within days of landing at Manchester airport. On Saturday morning I wasn’t up to a trog over Winter Hill, or any hill, more accurately. An hour or two after Pauline had set off in the pouring rain the sun appeared and I was tempted out to have a gentle jog through Borsdane Wood and along the Leeds-Liverpool canal where I could pretty sure of avoiding hills.  The winter sunshine was strong if not warm and while most of the autumn leaves are on the ground there are, probably, just enough left on left on the trees to provide some colour.

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A fishing competition on the canal meant there were long stretches of towpath were occupied by nearly motionless fishermen with long carbon fibre poles. Seems a strange way to pass a Saturday morning but I expect the feeling was mutual. I am sure I missed the best of the autumn colours here and I certainly missed the best of the wildlife, disturbing a kestrel  and then minutes later spotting a kingfisher flying down the canal inches above the water. Both were far too fast for me and my camera.

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Wildlife has to be nearly stationary. Even these ducks were almost too quick but effect if their wake and its ripples on the reflection is more interesting, I think, than they are.

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Bridge 62 was as far along the canal as I went and just before turning to run the five miles home I realised the sunshine reflecting off the water was illuminating the underside of the bridge in a way I had never seen before. Five miles didn’t seem a long way but the last three felt like the end of a marathon and I was pleased to be able to record 10 (slow) miles for the morning

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