Thursday, 22 October 2009

Sunday morning at Greendale

To complete the weekend Joss leads a walk from Greendale on the Sunday morning after the dinner and we were delighted to join him and the sizable group gathering under a grey threatening sky. The rain didn’t look far away and it wasn’t.

Meeting at Greendale

After collecting his dogs we strolled up Buckbarrow to see worsening weather rolling in from the Irish Sea. The views into Wasdale were disappointingly hazy and the cold wind meant lingering like yesterday wasn’t an option – none of which bothered either of the two dogs.

Tich  Titch clearly enjoys both the company and the audience the group provides.


Wasdale from Buckbarrow

This is a part of the weekend Joss clearly enjoys, out on the fells chatting with people who share his love of these hills and our idiosyncratic sport of fell running.

2009-10-17_Joss_Dinner_I_ 182-10

I feel extremely lucky to have enjoyed a huge amount of support and enthusiasm from friends, old and new, on the fells this year. Without them I wouldn’t have reached Greendale Bridge on time in April, I wouldn’t have been at The Bridge last night and I wouldn’t have been here on Buckbarrow with Joss this morning.  There is a intense camaraderie enjoyed by runners sharing long days on the fells together and it is a humbling privilege to be a part of it, especially to be a recipient of it. I still am unable to find the words to express my appreciation to all of you who helped on that “perfect day” in April, “thank you” seems so inadequate when, quite simply, I couldn’t have done it without you. Most of all, of course, I couldn’t have done it without Pauline’s constant encouragement and support.

PaulinePauline on Joss’s Millennium seat overlooking Lower Greendale 


  1. A joy to read Ian, well done and what a treat to have a day out with the man himself :-)

  2. some beautifully written thoughts :)

  3. 'tis a solitary endeavor but one that is anchored with love and support from family and friends!