Thursday, 8 October 2009

Great Gable on a cloudy day

Earlier in the year on a overcast day Colin, Albert and I did a grand tour of Upper Eskdale well away from the crowds except on Scafell Pike. Without patchy sunlight to provide some variety the light would have been very flat indeed and looking through the photographs again today I wondered if there might be just enough variety for a black and white image. I think there might be and, as always, click to enlarge the picture.

Great Gable from Great End Great Gable and Green Gable from Great End

The patch of sunlight on Sty Head Tarn was simply lucky – we were out for a run and all the pictures were taken during the briefest of pauses. I don’t think this needs any colour and if you want to compare the original colour version can be seen here Classic Day In The Lakes.

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