Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Another Warm Wasdale Afternoon

Having had one warm Wasdale afternoon already the prospect of another, this year, seemed unlikely until we returned last Saturday. Minded to run over Yewbarrow and Red Pike we set off up the nose of Yewbarrow passing the Rowan trees by the fence.




The number of cars parked by Wastwater suggested there must be plenty of people in the hills but we only saw one couple enjoying the view below, back down the valley over Wastwater. and passed one other on the top of Yewbarrow.



Wastwater from Yewbarrow

Before reaching the summit we found and followed a small trod high on the flank of the fell overlooking Wasdale and decided to linger rather than rush on to Red Pike.

Wasdale Head

Wasdale Head from Yewbarrow above Brackenclose


2009-10-17_Joss_Dinner_I_ 056-5

Wasdale Head from Yewbarrow above Mosedale

The whistles and cries of the shepherds, barking of the dogs and the sight of sheep on the move far below us were a reminder that these fells are not just a playground. On a very few weekends a year shepherds and their dogs can be found on the high fells gathering the sheep and this was one of them. For many minutes before we could see them we heard the shepherds on both side of the valley whistling and shouting at their dogs and as if by magic, small groups of sheep became bigger groups and started moving down the valley. Almost like streams in flood the sheep poured off the hillsides and gathered on the valley floor driven by the incessant harrying of the dogs.

2009-10-17_Joss_Dinner_I_ 126-6

Coming down from Yewbarrow is much more fun than going up


2009-10-17_Joss_Dinner_I_ 133-7

Up the valley towards Wasdale Head

2009-10-17_Joss_Dinner_I_ 145-8

Down the valley towards Whin Rigg

Wasdale Head

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  1. One of my favourite places in the world that Ian. I love those trees up Yewbarrow and how they all lean in one direction. They look very forlorn in the winter. These pictures are stunning and making me yearn for those hills.