Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Nailed Boots

Last weekend we were staying at the Fell & Rocking Climbing Club hut at Brackenclose in Wasdale which must have amongst the very best views in England. All the visual interest in not outside, however, as the hut has a collection of old photographs and one or two artefacts including an long handled ice axe and a pair of nailed boots. Although I have seen nailed boots previously, I have never been close enough to them to appreciate just how alien Vibram soled boots must have seemed to those who knew and loved nails. Many climbers had their own personal, distinctive and recognisable pattern of nails. Each boot weighs several pounds and those who wore them must have had strong legs, indeed.


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  1. I can remember being equipped with nailed boots while glacier hiking in New Zealand...these things weigh a tonne!