Friday, 24 July 2009

Greendale Bridge

Greendale Bridge nestles below the triumvirate of Buckbarrow, Seatallan and Middle Fell and is the final destination on the “Joss Naylor Lakeland Traverse”, reached some 48 miles after leaving Pooley Bridge. These three fells provide a short, thoroughly enjoyable round with very fine views of Wasdale far from the comings and goings further up the valley. After a late night and an equally late breakfast in the sunshine at Brackenclose, looking across to Yewbarrow and Kirk Fell, we headed for Greendale Bridge with Keith Foster. With fresh legs, Middle Fell has a very runnable, very enjoyable descent to the bridge and we have always done it that way, often on or recceing the “Joss”. Last Sunday we climbed Middle Fell from Greendale Bridge for the first time thus avoid the steep pull up Buckbarrow. A sandwich on the summit provided a reason, if one was needed,to linger in the sunshine.

Yewbarrow with the Scafells and Kirk Fell beyond

Great Gable with Kirk Fell and Yewbarrow







Wasdale is a magical place and Middle Fell is a wonderful spot from where to appreciate the grandeur of the Wasdale Head and its surrounding fells. It allows you to look in to Wasdale, almost like Alice’s looking glass, knowing you are on the rim of a special place.

Stone Pillar with the Crees beyond


Over Seatallan and down on to Buckbarrow we eschewed the usual descent and jogged back towards Middle Fell following a faint trod that suggested it might offer a grassy route back to the valley floor. Below Glade Howe overlooking Greendale Gill an expertly built stone pillar stands alone on the hillside. Unmarked, it is a mysterious sentinel far from any trod or bridleway and quiet alone.



Nether Wasdale looking down Greendale Gill

Greendale Gill provides an easy way back down to the valley and passes the final waterfall of the weekend.

Tongues Gills

Last Week’s Numbers: 57 miles; 11000 feet; 16:39:46

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