Monday, 29 June 2009

A Bob Graham or Two

Last Friday, 26th June, two of our friends, Iain Kelly and Karl Taylor left the Moot Hall together at 19:00 on a 22 hour clockwise schedule. Setting off together on the same schedule was merely a happy coincidence and neither had any intention of running with the other. Both completed the Round comfortably within the allowed 24 hours and each will tell their own story on their own blog.

Iain: 42 Tops

Karl: Donkarlo’s Fell Running

We went up to meet them on the hills, on the last leg confident they would both still be running strongly and we weren’t disappointed.

Iain Kelly (red shirt) leaving Hindscarth Iain (red shirt) leaves Hindscarth in the company of Steve Angus

 Karl leads his pacers to Hindscarth Karl leads his pacers off Dale Head on their way to Hindscarth.

We were able to get back to Keswick in time to welcome Karl at the Moot Hall for the hugely emotional finish. Applause from strangers, a greeting from someone whose father knows Billy Bland (Bob Graham record holder), congratulations from pacers and from other ‘Bob Graham’ crews whose runners were still out on the hills and the great feeling that washes over every new member of the Bob Graham 24 Hour Club.



Job Done! Job Done

Monday, 22 June 2009

Rivington Pike

Rivington Pike sits on on the skyline above Horwich on the edge of Winter Hill and provides a distinctive focal point, visible from a wide arc around it. Marshalling on the Two Lads fell race last week gave me an excuse to be on Winter Hill without having to run and to watch the evening sky develop a sunset behind the Pike. Earlier, before the race, the clouds produced some dramatic skies above the Pike and over the Lancashire Plain.

Rivington Pike


The Pike


Rivington Pike


The Pike and the Plain

Finally,from earlier in the evening a beginner’s panorama