Monday, 30 March 2015

Carrock Fell – 28 March

Poor weather disrupted Pauline’s Rucksack Club Meet in the Northern Fells. A delayed start allowed the worst of the weather to blow through but with it went all thoughts of following the original route. An eccentric stravaig saw us reach the foot of Great Calva where the party split. The official party (the Meet organiser & Jean) headed back on a slightly more direct route while Andy dragged me up Great Calva, over Knott, Miton Fell and Round Knott to reach Carrock Fell in mist. I was almost able to find one of the descent routes down the southern flank but one way or another we made it back to the car.

20150328-1-bowscale-1-Edit-EditBarns at Undercrag

20150328-2-bowscale-4-EditLunch in the sheepfold

Monday, 23 March 2015

The Howgills – 21 March

A bright sunny morning awaited us in Sedbergh, warm in the valley but fresh, very fresh in the breeze on the tops. Out of Sedbergh and up the valley to Cautley Spout, Calders, The Calf, Breaks Head, Fell Head, down into the Lune Valley and back to Sedbergh. A very fine day out on wonderful hills in good company with The Rucksack Club.


20150321-1-howgills-4Jean & Pauline

20150321-2-howgills-14Crook Holme

20150321-3-howgills-20Up by Cautley Spout

20150321-4-howgills-31Cautley Spout

20150321-5-howgills-36South West towards Baugh Fell

20150321-6-howgills-38-EditAndy Goldworthy’s Sheepfold – commissioned to mark the end of Foot & Mouth Disease in 2001 


20150321-7-howgills-57Looking south over the westerly flanks of the Howgills

20150321-8-howgills-64-EditWalking off Fell Head

20150321-9-howgills-67Afternoon sun on the river Lune

20150321-10-howgills-72Afternoon Sun at Hole House farm

Monday, 16 March 2015

Winter Hill – 14 March

A grey morning when I might more usually have been doing the Haworth Hobble I enjoyed a trundle over Winter Hill. I need to spend more time running off road and on the hills but it is a joy to be able to run without any knee pain, even if the running is on flat roads. The final stage of my rehab is this week when I go for gait analysis because one of the physios I saw thinks I may have a collapsed arch on my right foot.


20150314-6-winterhill-2-EditOne of the many draining Winter Hill

20150314-5-winterhill-7-EditAnother view of the same one

20150314-4-winterhill-19-EditThe forecast sunshine didn’t appear

20150314-3-winterhill-22-EditWalker Fold

20150314-1-winterhill-28-EditWalker Fold again

Monday, 9 March 2015

The Bridge at Lind End – 07 March

A weekend in the Duddon Valley with Keith, Walter & Joyce when the weather was almost as bad as the worst of the forecasts. The absence of rain on Saturday was only discrepancy but the wind was as strong as the forecast and far too strong for walking at any height. The Blacksmith’s Arms at Broughton was deemed the objective for the day and in attempting to minimise time on tarmac we stumbled across Lind End and a wonderful old packhorse bridge. A very welcome beer was followed by a walk back up Duddon Valley to High Moss to complete an enjoyable day out.


20150307-2-highmoss-7-EditSeathwaite Church


20150307-5-highmoss-27-EditAbandoned Grindstone

20150307-6-highmoss-34-EditBridge at Lind End

20150307-7-highmoss-46-EditThe Anvil

20150307-8-highmoss-47Blacksmiths Arms

20150307-9-highmoss-49-EditBuck Rake

20150307-10-highmoss-51-EditCottage high on the side of Duddon Valley

Monday, 2 March 2015

Struggling with a cold – 01 & 02 March

The head-cold I took to Bleasdale last weekend stayed with me all week and precluded any running until this morning. I managed out again on Sunday, but only just. I hope it isn’t going to last much longer because I really want to get back out on to the hills. Ah well, I’ll get there soon enough, I suppose ….

In the meantime some big skies above the fields beyond Borsdane Wood before the afternoon and the rain arrived.

Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset



Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset



Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Bleasdale Circle fell race – 21 February

Knowing I would be marshalling I scheduled to get a real pig of a  head-cold from Pauline a couple of days beforehand so that I wouldn’t feel bad about not running. I may have overdone this though as the “not running” could extend into early next week. Oh well…..

Got a few photos though.

20150221-2-bleasdale-27-EditEntry Form


20150221-5-bleasdale-77-EditFair Snape Fell

20150221-3-bleasdale-30-EditParlick Fell

20150221-4-bleasdale-36-EditTowards Fell Foot


20150221-6-bleasdale-102Rob Hope – leading them home from the off

There were some other runners too – race photos here

20150221-1-bleasdale-245Towards the first climb

Last but not least, the following day would be Yiannis’s birthday – another “Big Birthday” and so in true Bowland Fell Runners’ style we helped him celebrate with an extravagant cake.

20150221-1-bleasdale-1009 Happy Birthday Yannis!

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Anglezark Amble – 14 February

After virtually no running all winter I was afflicted by the type of madness that seems to affect only fell runners. I hoped I might manage a good 12 miles, I hoped I might reach the gate at 12.5 miles where I tore a calf muscle once but by the Strawberry Duck I was slowing, a little. About halfway Cadshaw Valley it was all over and the long, painful struggle to Darwen Tower, Slipper Lowe, Great Hill and Rivington started. I finished, about all in, but I finished. On Sunday morning my knee is fine, no aches and no other after-effects so I am delighted. I did think about going out for a short, slow “leg stretch” until I tried to walk down stairs. Ah well, plenty of time for that later.


20150214-1-The Amble-1“After The Amble” – Mike, Albert and Michele

Great to catch up with so many people – Albert, Michele, Tony, Mike, Hopey, Andy, Josie (get that schedule sorted!), Wendy, Yiannis, Jenny and all the rest.

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Winter Hill – 07 February

13 Miles to Winter Hill and back from home for the first time since early September last year. The knee problems I have been bothered by over the last year or so seem to be getting sorted out. Doing almost no running probably helped too which means that I won’t really know how good my knee actually is until I am back doing this sort of distance regularly. I didn’t help it much last weekend, walking in the snow, when I put my foot in a hole and hyper-extended my knee. I am back running with a strap but aim to manage 6 consecutive days this week.

The weather wasn’t wonderful so I took my phone rather than a camera, only to find some blue sky and the clouds drifting away from the mast. Ah well, another time.


Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset


Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset



Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset

The flat light and lack of definition in the sky appeared to lend itself to “split toning” and I am quite pleased with the results and with the run. This was the 50th time I have run from home to Winter Hill and back which is pleasing anniversary in the circumstances.

Monday, 2 February 2015

Place Fell & Kidsty Pike – 31 January

These may seem like an unlikely pairing and indeed they weren’t what we planned when we set off from Beetham Cottage but the the strong, bitterly cold wind on the summit of Place Fell changed our plans. Without particular summits in mind we headed back to Boredale Hause and decided to keep the wind behind us. Heading south we watched the sunlight play on the Helvellyn ridge and we watched the wind create huge clouds of spindrift.

Passing Angle Tarn and on to the foot of The Knott and then Kidsty Pike seemed an attractive destination, not realising just how cold crossing Rampsgill Head (twice) would be. The already strong wind had been strengthening all day and it was now whipping up the fallen snow, scouring Rampsgill Head and creating spindrift up to 3 metres high. We turned at Kidsty Pike, back over Rampsgill Head and down to Hartsop. A very fine winter day on the fells.

Looking West towards the Helvellyn ridge









Looking South towards Kirkstone Pass




















20150131-15-beetham-241-EditKidsty Pike and some spindrift



20150131-16-beetham-243-EditMardale from Kidsty Pike


20150131-17-beetham-247-EditHigh Street

20150131-18-beetham-251-EditRampsgill Head looking west to Morecambe Bay