Sunday, 23 October 2016

Buttermere - 21 October

Armed with the same "promising forecast" and a list of fells to bag we left Buttermere Village heading in the direction of Scales Force. In the hope the weather might improve later in the day we decided to leave Melbreak to the end and ploughed towards Floutern Cop and Banna Fell tops. These three had more than their share of flying insects which meant a late lunch below Hen Combe. After Hen Combe and Little Dodd we abandoned the plan to go the far end of the ridge to come back over both Melbreak summits and headed directly for the col in between them.

Mosedale has some pretty unpleasant ground on both sides of the beck but fortunately it doesn't last too long. The rain beat us to the summit of Melbreak, disappointingly. Scale Knott was an easy final fell of the day.

Towards Crummock Water

Scale Bridge

Grasmoor beyond Crummock Water

Buttermere with Fleetwith Pike

Rannerdale Knotts below Whiteless Pike

Crummock Water and Newlands Fells

Sun catching Red Gill

Buttermere Valley under low clouds

Grasmoor under low clouds

Crummock Water

Buttermere - 20 October

Tempted by a promising weather forecast we headed north for a few day's bagging around Buttermere. Arriving two days before the promised good weather didn't much matter and probably should have been what we expected!

Low Fell and Fellbarrow share a delightful ridge between Lorton and Loweswater which we hadn't visited for about nine years. As well as these two Wainwrights the ridge also contains a number of Birketts and Synges which made a very enjoyable afternoon out.

Grasmoor and Crummock Water

Melbreak and Crummock Water

Fellbarrow summit with the Isle of Man in the far distance

Buttermere Fells

Monday, 17 October 2016

Wasdale - 16 October

More rain arrived on Sunday morning putting paid to the traditional "Post-JNLC Dinner" stroll over Buckbarrow. Instead Joss took us for a wander around the end of the lake and across the mouth of Wasdale.


Cable Laying (i)

Cable Laying (ii)

Towards Wasdale Head

Wast Water

Greendale under two bands of clouds

Upper Eskdale - 15 October

Upper Eskdale is a relatively remote, road-free part of the much bigger, busier and better known part of the valley. The high fells towering over the valley are the amongst the highest and the busiest in Cumbria but away from them there are dozens of small hills, all full of character and interest. This is a short round of Birketts & Synges to the north east of the valley.

Towards Slightside

Towards Slightside with Great How to the left

Looking up Upper Eskdale

Towards Upper Eskdale with a "Mountain Leader" Training Group on the left

A Break in the Clouds

Taw House

Taw House (ii)


Mallorca - Valdemossa

Mallorca - Deia

Cala Deia

Bar Tramuntana - Deia



Mallorca - Soller