Sunday, 25 January 2015

Troutbeck – 24 January

A day out with Keith, the first for a while. Up over the ice from  Kirkstone Pass to St Raven’s Edge which we may or may not have visited previously before going on to Wansfell (Baystones) which we have visited previously but have no record of the visit. Down through Troutbeck to The Tongue which we have visited before but only twice. From here the plan had been to go up to Thornthwaite Mouth but there was so much snow and, probably, ice that we would have been descending after dark. Instead we dropped off the west side of The Tongue to a wonderful old bridge over Trout Beck before climbing back to St Raven’s Edge via Hard Crag to reach Kirkstone Pass not long before dark.


20150124-2-Kirkstone-11-EditKirkstone Pass

20150124-1-Kirkstone-1South towards WIndermere


20150124-3-Kirkstone-12North towards Brothers Water


20150124-4-Kirkstone-16Kirkstone Pass


20150124-5-Kirkstone-20Red Screes

20150124-6-Kirkstone-21Red Screes and looking north


20150124-7-Kirkstone-23Keith and Pauline

20150124-8-Kirkstone-24South from St Raven’s Edge


20150124-9-Kirkstone-27Red Screes



20150124-11-Kirkstone-29Looking North from St Raven’s Edge

20150124-12-Kirkstone-62-EditFrom Wansfell



20150124-14-Kirkstone-108-EditKeith on The Tongue



20150124-15-Kirkstone-116-EditBridge over Trout Beck

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Winter Hill – 17 January

Snowy morning with a couple of thunder storms bringing more snow and hail – usually the top of a hill is a poor choice during a thunder storm but, as Tom pointed out, there are plenty of taller objects atop Winter Hill.

My knee is improving although my fitness is going the other way! Need to get back to running on hills – it would be good to run on hill and not just down but I have a bit of work to do before that happens. Thoroughly enjoyed this morning (hailstones in the excepted) – thanks Tom.






These trees at the quarries are my favourites and I think they are at the best at this time of year

20150117-5-winterhill-10Looking south east over Blackburn Road

20150117-6-winterhill-15At least we had a choice about being out

Monday, 12 January 2015

Glasgow - 11 January

Annual trip north to celebrate Dad’s birthday (89 on the 12th) but precious little running this year. No time before setting off on Saturday morning and dreadful weather, even for Glasgow in winter, on Sunday morning. After the high winds on Saturday snow and very heavy rain were the problems on Sunday. So severe was the weather on Sunday that we headed south after breakfast.


glasgow-17-Edit-1 Gordon Street

glasgow-21-Edit-2Gordon Street (2)

glasgow-39-Edit-3Argyle Street

Not staying for lunch with Dad meant finding somewhere to eat on the way home so we headed for Tirril and the Queen’s Head where we enjoyed a very good lunch in front of a roaring log fire.

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Winter Hill – 04 January

A longer but less interesting run on the Leeds – Liverpool canal yesterday was complimented by a shorter but thoroughly enjoyable trundle up Winter Hill. We waited until the mist had more or less cleared from Aspull and driving through Horwich Pauline realised the sun would already have melted all the frost and so suggested stopping where we were – where the sun had just arrived and hadn’t had time to melt the frost.


We found ourselves in a short-lived winter wonderland – hard white frost and bright sunshine. It wouldn’t last very long but it was wonderful to see.


20150104_005_winterhill-1-EditMountain Bikers enjoying the tarmac

20150104_006_winterhill-5-EditMountain Bikers really enjoying the tarmac

20150104_007_winterhill-7-EditThe last of the mist clearing from Belmont with Darwen Moor in the distance

20150104_009_winterhill-24-EditFrozen gate

20150104_008_winterhill-23-EditFrozen Gate with sunburst

20150104_010_winterhill-26-EditThe track down to Horwich

Monday, 29 December 2014

Strawberry Duck – 28 December

Another Festive Season tradition is lunch at the Strawberry Duck after walking from Belmont with Steve & Eileen. This year we chose, reluctantly, to walk there on the road but the roads were so icy we took to the fields whenever possible despite the ground being snow covered but not frozen. On the way back we headed up Cadshaw Valley and across the moors into the sunset to arrive back at Belmont after dark. A thoroughly good day out and a tradition well worth practising.


20141228-1-strawberryduck-1-EditBolton & Manchester

20141228-2-strawberryduck-22-EditAlmost off the ice and into the sunshine

20141228-3-strawberryduck-36Sea Bream & Muscle Sauce

20141228-4-strawberryduck-42-EditSeasonal Candles

20141228-5-strawberryduck-44-EditBar Queue

20141228-6-strawberryduck-64-EditWinter Hill

20141228-7-strawberryduck-67-EditBelmont & Winter Hill

Thursday, 25 December 2014

White Coppice – 24 December

The start of Christmas in very many ways – a run out over the moors above White Coppice followed by a chip buttie and a pint in Top Lock, about perfect. Thanks to Steve and everyone else who turned out yesterday – Christmas has started properly now so have a very Merry one!


20141224-1-whitecoppice-7-EditBlack Brook

20141224-2-whitecoppice-100-EditRunning into the sun (i)

20141224-3-whitecoppice-101-EditRunning into the sun (ii)

20141224-4-whitecoppice-104-EditRivington Pike

20141224-5-whitecoppice-10720141224-6-whitecoppice-111Group Photos on Round Loaf

20141224-7-toplock-1-Edit Top Lock recovery (1)

20141224-8-toplock-3  Top Lock recovery (2)

20141224-9-toplock-4 Top Lock recovery (3)

Monday, 22 December 2014

South Lancs Xmas Walk – 20 December

A Christmas perennial that had been planned for the 21st December but was subsequently cancelled was my excuse for a long mainly muddy run round Haigh Hall. I had set the event as a target in my knee injury recovery program and I was keen to see if my knee would stand a couple of hours running. I am glad to say it did and the following day should no reaction whatsoever – this is better than it has been for some months which is wonderful. I didn’t take a camera other than my phone so these are just a couple of snaps as a record of the day.

20141220-1-SLXR-7Leeds – Liverpool canal looking north

20141220-2-SLXR-9Sunshine catching the smoke

20141220-3-SLXR-22Worthington Lakes

20141220-4-SLXR-35Leeds – Liverpool canal looking south