Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Central Fells - 14 February

A forecast for sunshine on Valentine's Day tempted us into Great Langdale where it was almost Spring-like as we climbed to Stickle Tarn en route to Thunacar Knott. Any lingering illusions we might enjoy a warm day were blasted away by the bitter wind coursing across the fell tops. Snow and ice underfoot slowed progress a little but provided a wonderful finishing touch to the views.

Sergeant Man offered enough shelter for lunch before heading towards Blea Rigg to bag some Synges above Great Langdale - Great Castle How and Little Castle How before finishing on Whitegill Crags. The latter seems a fairly uninteresting little lump at the end of a shoulder but what views it commands! Well worth visiting for the crags below.

Lunch on Sergeant Man

Stickle Tarn

Late Afternoon Light above the Coniston Fells

Langdale Pikes

Pavey Ark

Monday, 6 February 2017

Northern Fells - 05 February

Back to our, seemingly neverending, "Third Round" of Wainwright's High Fells.  As ever with unplanned 'bagging' we have bits and pieces left to do and they are spread over 6 of his seven volumes - the Southern Fells is the one we have already completed for the third time.

Today we climbed into winter on Carl Side, just above the cloud base, and then visited Longside Edge and Ullock Pike. Returning over Longside Edge and Ullock Pike before dropping down to Dodd to 'tick' another four.

Towards Borrowdale

Over Longside Edge towards Carl Side

On Longside Edge

On Longside Edge

On Longside Edge

From Dodd

Towards Borrowdale

Monday, 9 January 2017

Winter Hill - 07 January

Foggy wet day and something of a contrast with two days ago. I did wonder if the top of the hill might be above the clouds but even the top of the mast wasn't above the clouds so there wasn't much to be seen anywhere.

Finger Post near the mast

Telegraph Poles on Factory Hill (i)

Telegraph Poles on Factory Hill (ii)

Footpath into the fog

Horwich Cemetery

Rain drops on bridge over the railway

Friday, 6 January 2017

Winter Hill - 05 January

A glorious sunny day and an opportunity for a long run over Winter Hill with the distraction of the Air Ambulance on Rivington Pike. Not an exercise as I thought originally but attending to a 70 year old walker who collapsed on the summit. The casualty was taken to hospital in one of the Mountain Rescue vehicles which must be why the Air Ambulance crew were so laid back.

Telegraph Pole on Factory Hill

Air Ambulance (i)

Air Ambulance (ii)

Air Ambulance (iii)

Air Ambulance (iv)

Air Ambulance (v)

On Rivington Pike



Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Great Hill - 24 December

The traditional Christmas Eve run over Great Hill, this year under a heavy, threatening sky.

Great Hill Summit

Drinkwaters Farm

Looking North from Great Hill
Age and or infirmity made me think twice about trying to keep up with the main group for all of the seven miles. At the start of the slabbed path over Spitler's Edge I decided the struggle would be too much so I headed directly to the summit of Great Hill before following the rest of the route back to White Coppice.

Monday, 12 December 2016

Winter Hill - 11 December

A short walk for some photos on the Mast Road just above the cloud base.

Eastern Fells - 10 December

The Mell Fells and the Meldrums along with a few others with the intention of bagging everything between Brownhow Hill and Ullswater. The final two Synges, closest to Ullswater eluded us as daylight faded faster then we allowed for. Of most significance were the Mell fells because they bring us two summits closer to completing our "Third Round" of Wainwright's High Fells. 21 remain on a round started about 12 years ago. Perhaps we'll finish it next year.

Great Mell Fell

Little Mell Fell

Gowbarrow Fell
 The list for the day was Brownhow Hill and Great Mell Fell followed by Little Mell Fell, Watermillock Fell, Little Meldrum, Great Meldrum, Gowbarrow Park and then both Gowbarrow Fell summits.

Monday, 5 December 2016

North Western Fells - 04 December

Our third round of Wainwright's High Fells is creeping towards completion albeit a little slower than we intended. We almost had a plan to complete the round this year but other things, like life, got in the way and we still have 23 left to re-visit. Having started this round in 2007 another few months is really neither here nor there and days like to today are one or the reasons for the delay.

Some prefer to complete lists from scratch, re-visiting fells because they appear on a new list but this is an affliction we have been able to avoid. In 2007 we were blissfully unaware of most hill lists and wandered over and around Birketts, Synges and others without acknowledgement. Now we aim to bag Birketts and Synges along with Third Round Wainwrights and then we can have a look at our other incomplete lists. Our Marilyn list will always be incomplete but it will provide many good days out in the future.

With glorious sunshine and a cold easterly wind we left Wythop for Sale Fell, Rivings Lothwaite, Burthwaite Heights, Broom Fell, Widow Hause, Graystones (both summits), Kirk Fell (Lorton), Embleton High Common and Ling Fell. This gave us a 'haul' of 1 Trig Point, 3 Third Wainwrights, 9 Birketts (6 new) and 11 Synges (8 new) in addition to a great day out.

Looking at Skiddaw from Lothwaite


Old Scales Farm

Towards Skiddaw from Burthwaite Heights

Skiddaw from Broom Fell

Sunburst through the trees on Widow Hause

Late Afternoon Sunburst above Ling Fell

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Moel Gyw - 27 November

Today we got as far as looking Yr Elen only to find the summit wreathed in clouds and the slopes below the summit still plastered in snow and, all too probably, ice. After trying to persuade ourselves that it would probably be fine we had another look and decided it probably wouldn't so we went to Moel Gyw instead. A grey day with indistinct, hazy views from the top.

Telegraph Pole

Old Railway Wagon

Finger Post 
To The Top

Above Beddgelert - 26 November

Linear walk with The Rucksack Club from Rhyd-Ddu to Beddgelert starting on the Nantille Ridge before heading south towards Moel Hebog on a stunning winter day.

Climbing Y Garn

Towards Snowdon (i)

Towards Snowdon (ii)

Towards Snowdon (iii)

Towards Snowdon (iv)

Mynydd Drws-y-Coed

Flying (i)

Flying (ii)

Towards Snowdon (v)

Into The Quarry

Cardigan Bay (i)

Cardigan Bay (ii)